Tank Maintenance & Environmental Services in Iran

HSP Oilfield Services continues to set new standards in specialised tank maintenance and environmental services; offering superior service solutions that exceed client expectations.

Excelling at the complex challenge of storage tank management, we guarantee increased productivity together with decreased down-time and maintenance costs. Superior 'clean up' of toxic materials and sites is achieved using innovative equipment and technology, together with a multi-skilled, experienced, and safety conscious workforce.


HSP Oilfield Services' multi-skilled technicians enable one team to complete the entire project. As required we can install blinds, prepare the tanks for work, and move straight into the cleaning phase.
We can also provide stripping and dewatering as part of this process, reducing the total interfaces often required when taking tanks out of service.


HSP Oilfield Services can provide cold cutting technology to safely enter tanks in hazardous environments. This further provides better access for cleaning, waste treatment, and any subsequent mechanical repairs.
Hydraulic dozers, floor cleaners, wall crawlers and blasters, and remote cleaning robots are used to remove any residual product. Having a multi-skilled team means the removal of tank roof seals and inspections of pontoons can be completed while the cleaning is in progress. Any necessary demolition or repair work can also be managed by the same team. Work on leaded storage tanks is undertaken to OCTEL specifications. HSP Oilfield Services has been involved in nearly all TEL facility removal and disposal projects in Iran.


Another of HSP Oilfield Services' core activities is specialised surface preparation and protective coatings. A range of the latest technologies, resulting in the ultimate protection of your assets, is provided by our genuinely multi-skilled workforce.
HSP Oilfield Services utilise remotely operated spider technology and UHP hydro-jetting to prepare tank surfaces without the need for scaffolding or External Work Platforms. Surface coatings, including GRP coatings and solvent-free epoxy solids, are used to repair and line storage tanks resulting in savings in downtime and mechanical repairs.
  • Vacuum cleaning automated accessories for surface stripping (Aquajet and Spiderjet) utilising re-circulated water to minimise waste and environmental impact
  • HP and UHP hydro-jetting for cleaning and surface preparation
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Removal of resins, rubber, bitumen and corrosion GRP, and Epoxy Application
  • Specialised coatings application
  • Certified Protective Coatings Inspectors trained in coating specification selection
  • Confined space, rope access, and BOSIET certified technicians
  • Waste containment (including leaded materials) environmental management


HSP Oilfield Services understands that mercury contamination on gas and petrochemical plants, processing units, and refineries is an increasing concern. In response, equipment specifically for handling mercury contaminated materials like sludge, catalysts, absorbents, and soil has been designed, built, and proven on site. Mercury tailored equipment includes a proprietary vacuum system with a mercury recovery cyclone and filtration unit, which stops any mercury vapours from being discharged into the atmosphere.


Tanks are prepared using HSP Oilfield Services' proprietary Tank Circulation and Sludge Reduction System (HSPSRS) to significantly reduce sludge volumes and LELs; without manual tank entry. A range of other equipment options including high-powered vacuum units, hazardous-area rated pumps, and remotely controlled accessories are utilised to achieve a superior result.
The HSPSRS system results in the shortest possible duration for Tanks out of Service, and the least amount of personnel in Confined Space Entries. Once restored, the resulting product can be put directly into HSP Oilfield Services’ Solid Liquid Treatment (SLT) units.
HSP Oilfield Services' SLT technology and equipment can process waste sludge residue in oil storage tanks, ponds, and pits; returning valuable product to the client while separating and disposing of residual materials. This 'blinds to blinds' service includes harvesting the sludge, simultaneous separation of liquids and solids, stabilisation of contaminated materials, and thermal desorption.

Through the use of our HSPSRS and SLT processes, superior results can be achieved well within international "Best in Class" charter. These methods can reduce traditional cleaning costs by up to 60%, and if large volumes of product can be returned to the client, the cleaning can be cost neutral.


With a fleet of EPA and MOT certified vacuum trucks and units across the Iran, HSP Oilfield Services can respond quickly to any environmental cleanup or emergency. We have access to various decontamination processes and materials which significantly increase cleanup efficiency.


Utilising its range of services, HSP Oilfield Services has proven performance in decontaminating and ultimately demolishing plants. HSP Oilfield Services’ ability to mechanically prepare plants, decontaminate process vessels and pipework, pigg, chemically flush process systems, and cold cut steel in hazardous areas can significantly reduce time and costs.