Hydro Jetting & Cold Cutting Services in Iran

HSP Oilfield Services continue to set new standards in specialised high and ultra high pressure hydro-jetting and cutting services for all heavy industry and utility sectors.
Our complete, blinds to blinds service is able to remove multiple contractor interfaces; reducing client management and the time taken to complete projects. This integrated approach adds significant value to our range of services.
By integrating the latest equipment and technology into our own designs, we have developed a "hands off" approach wherever possible, that is focused on remotely operated equipment. Combined with a genuinely multi-skilled workforce we ensure optimal performance and productivity, whilst maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from others in the industry.


HSP Oilfield Services has the most advanced high performance high and ultra high pressure water jetting equipment and associated safety devices available. Designing and investing in innovative cleaning and coatings-removal attachments, safety back-out preventers, and automatic internal and external remote tube bundle cleaners ensures safe operator positioning and maximum cleaning efficiency.
Our fleet of pumps range from 3,000 – 50,000psi, and we have maintenance facilities in all main centres to ensure reliability and optimum performance of all equipment. We can also supply a range of purpose-built offshore equipment to meet the offshore oil and gas industry specifications and requirements. Our professional approach to equipment presentation and maintenance means all pump rigs are fully stocked and setup to respond quickly to client demands.
Experienced operators ensure the optimum method selection for each application applying specialised tooling, job-matched lances and nozzles, and automated equipment to ensure every project is completed in record time and passes inspection first time.


HSP Oilfield Services is the main provider of site water cutting services in Australia and New Zealand.

In situations where a risk of hydrocarbons being present rules out any hot cutting, we have the capability to use high pressure water as a safe cutting method. Cold cutting is often used for the demolition of plant facilities, providing access to tanks and columns, removing refractory; both internal and external, concrete cutting and scabbling, and surface preparation through coatings removal.

Cold cutting is highly effective for cutting steel,composites, and almost any other hard material. Additionally, using cold cutting reduces dust, cutting oils, vibrations, and waste products, while preventing mechanical or thermal stress. This ecologically sound solution is very precise, and HSP Oilfield Services’ expert technicians can create systems to handle any cold cutting task.


Our investment in the latest technology UHP pumps and Spider surface preparation equipment allows very large vertical and horizontal surfaces to be completely stripped of all coatings and contamination safely, quickly, and cost effectively:
  • Operators work from the ground with remotely controlled pumps and accessories, so fatigue and jet spray exposure are eliminated
  • Higher pressures can safely be used; speeding up production
  • The Spider Jet is the only system of its kind, and eliminates airborne particulate contamination and the need for encapsulation when removing toxic coatings
  • Vast majority of work can be completed without scaffolding
  • All water and debris are vacuum removed and collected, and water can be recycled; making this the most environmentally responsible solution
  • Once dewatered, all waste is bagged and ready for disposal; with no manual labour or exposure to hazards
  • Handheld accessories are used to work around fittings and tight crevices
  • Any manual hydro-jetting work that may be required is carried out with the latest microchip shutoff technology to ensure complete operator safety


HSP Oilfield Services’ automated internal and external tube bundle cleaning methods have been perfected to the extent that we have removed bundle cleaning from the critical path of most plant turnarounds. Completely automating the previously manual process has transformed this once high risk process into a safe, efficient, high-quality alternative method of cleaning heat exchangers and condenser bundles. All waste water and effluent can be recovered and recycled; significantly reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

HSP Oilfield Services’ specialised equipment is also suitable for cleaning all in-situ bundles, air fin coolers, condensers, furnaces, and normal heat exchangers. Controlled remotely, lances can be configured for the removal of extremely hard deposits. Excellent cleaning results are achieved by means of front and back cleaning, with a consistent speed and multiple lances operating simultaneously.

Our ability to provide mechanical services, including bolt torquing and tensioning, along with hydraulic bundle pulling/lifting and replacement, hydro testing, pigging, and decontamination further improves our seamless service.


HSP Oilfield Services is renowned for innovation and efficiency and we regularly manufacture equipment to solve specific client problems. Some examples of this are:

A completely enclosed Bundle Cleaning System capable of capturing all resultant wastes; eliminating the need for a cleaning bay or pad
Hydraulically operated cleaning arms and attachments to remove operators from the work face
Attachments for standard excavators to enable their use on cleaning operations
Hydraulically operated cold cut jigs & rigs for any situation
Complete vacuum recovery systems to eliminate any environmental contamination
Closed loop systems to recover and recycle all wash water
Sound proofing and compact modules for offshore services, which also meet required electrical safety standards
Equipment allowing for the remote cleaning of acid tanks
UHP and HP cleaning of pipe externals with vacuum removal of waste and water


The combination of our Safety, Quality and Productivity performance with our expertise and innovative automated equipment ensures that HSP Oilfield Services are the most efficient team in the industry.

New and innovative methods and equipment ensure no environmental impact and are future proofed to meet regulatory requirements
Multi-skilled, trained, focused, knowledgeable and experienced teams of people selected for optimal results
Our innovative technology sets new standards, removing the need for scaffolding, allowing on-line cleaning, changing the critical path, and making the unsafe safe
We have changed the critical path in shut-downs, where traditionally tube-bundle cleaning was the bottle-neck by providing an intergrated range of services
Productivity has significantly improved with a 50-75% reduction in cleaning time due to automated external cleaners, and three and five lance tube internal cleaning equipment
Clients are assured that the standard of cleanliness required for modern inspection techniques is achieved first time


HSP Oilfield Services' key value is zero harm; focused on care for Health, Safety, Community and Environment with a target of zero incidents.
We have succeeded in making hydrojetting safe through innovative mechanised and automated cleaning systems
Fit-for-purpose choices of cleaning method, and subsequent developments of specific safety procedures achieves the best results for our clients in all circumstances
HSP Oilfield Services hydro-jetting Technicians attend the IFAP Hydro Blasting Courses, as well as introductory and advanced internal HSP Oilfield Services courses
HSP Oilfield Services' trainers are certified under the IFAP Training System
With the best hose management system of any company operating in Iran, we utilise a tag and retest system managed from a central location. Hoses are taken out of service prior to the retest date and operators visually inspect each hose prior to starting any work.