Isolation /PUR/Surface Technology Services in Iran

Save energy, protect the environment and work safely!

Heat loss means loss of money. We help you make a major contribution to reducing your energy costs and protecting the environment by offering the right heat insulation. By reducing the strain on the plants, repairing damaged parts, we noticeably improve your business, as well as have a positive impact on energy efficiency and production processes. Moreover, good heat insulation contributes to a healthy indoor climate and improves working and living conditions.

types of insulation materials are used depending on the specific requirements. For this reason, we offer customized coating structures that are made of different quality steel and aluminum with different surface structures in our own workshops.


Warm insulation

When it's really hot - for the toughest situations!

Internal insulation systems for heat recovery boilers face very specific challenges due to direct contact with flue gas. Coating panels and special insulation materials must be able to withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees.

We have implemented many of these complex systems. This has made HSP Oilfield services a sought-after partner for special solutions in hot insulation in Power plants, Refineries and Factories.

Some of our services include:

  • Insulation for industrial and marine equipment
  • Boilers, filters, piping, equipment and plant elements
  • Insulation for sewage treatment, eg treatment tanks
  • Ventilation systems
  • Turbochargers and gas turbines
  • Mattress insulation for use in complex installation components such as turbines, turbochargers and boilers or in confined spaces
  • Injection coating processes for molded insulation to turbines working at high temperatures.


PUR (Hard Polyurethane) Insulation

Polyurethane (PUR) foam is ideal for uninterrupted insulation of irregularly shaped surfaces.

Its excellent adhesion properties ensure that the surface of the sheet metal coating protects against air and shocks and also acts as a vapor retardant. Water repellent polyurethane foam has no ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0). Polyurethane foam insulation protects the Earth's atmosphere and helps protect the climate.

Special heated high pressure hoses carry two components of polyurethane foam to a spray gun. They combine in the mixing chamber of the gun and produce the pressure required to spray the polyurethane foam between the component and the sheet metal body.


Polyurethane foam applications

  1. foam is very versatile. It is used for cold storage and cooling facilities as well as heat and cold insulation, as in commercial and residential applications. This flexible sealing system is the ideal solution for large or narrow spaces. This sophisticated technology is of the best quality and can be applied directly in the field in a short time.



Polyurethane foam can be applied in the field by manual casting or sprayed using mobile machines.

PUR foam is applied to the cavities of closed sheet metal constructions. Along with the machined sheet metal, this creates a high quality insulation.

PUR spray foam

It consists of two components which are transported to a spray gun with heated high pressure hoses. They combine in the mixing chamber of the gun and produce the pressure required to spray the polyurethane foam between the component and the sheet metal body. Depending on humidity and temperature, the foam cures within 20 to 30 seconds. This ensures that further work is carried out immediately without waiting. Our spraying machines with hoses up to 90 meters are extremely flexible. This technology can be applied in the field in a short time, at the highest quality level.

Advantages of polyurethane foam:

  • High heat insulation due to low thermal conductivity, 85% closed cell structure has very high quality cold insulation capacity
  • High pressure resistance (walking on isolated building materials)
  • Lightweight material with low volumetric density 45 to 55 kg / m3 Versatile product in the temperature range from -180 ° C to + 100 ° C
  • Adheres well to almost all surfaces, making expensive primers unnecessary
  • There is no thermal bridge where high energy can escape
  • High form stability makes the insulation mechanically stable and long-lasting
  • Hardened polyurethane is non-toxic and odorless
  • Material fully recyclable
  • Building material class B2 under DIN 4102 Part 1

Please contact us if you want to know if you can use the advantages of polyurethane foam in your facility. We will be happy to assist you.