Industrial and Special Scaffolding in Iran

Industrial Scaffolding: Industrial scaffolding is different to conventional scaffolding because of the increased personnel, material and construction requirements. In order to successfully handle plant shutdowns and new construction projects for large-scale industry, the HSP Oilfiled Services offers site managers and specialists with decades of industry experience.
Our Services Overview:  
  • All kinds of work and safety scaffolding,
  • including structural analysis Special Scaffolding
  • Mobile maintenance platforms


Special Scaffolding For Your Facilities
The industrial scaffold must meet the stringent requirements: the scaffold must be constructed with major transformations against logistical challenges. HSP Oilfiled Services with the use of approximately 300 scaffolding installers and 4,000 tons of scaffold material; offers you tailor-made solutions for all kinds of challenging projects. Our scaffolding specialists are ready to offer the most appropriate access solution for your project.